Your Practice Space in Synchronization with Your Image

Any store can throw up some racks and sell whatever. But, as a Doctor, you should be more concerned with your image and branding.

Creating a space that says something about you can be a challenge. Utilize this information to get your creative juices flowing and develop a brand image that is recognized in every part of your office.

Just about anything can brand your image. From the color and brightness of your light bulbs to the color of your desk, little details can help patients remember you.

You're not only trying to get people to remember you, but you want them to create a strong impression of your office.

You need to plan an attack on the senses that will delight, encourage, fascinate, inspire, and build trust in your patients.

The first impression is most important.

Your Practice Space in Synchronization with Your Image

The lighting and mood are very important. Think about how you want your patients to feel.

Lighting and display designs can induce excitement, relaxation, intrigue, you name it. You really have to decipher how your target audience will respond.

If your patients are more likely to make "purchases" when they are relaxed, then that can have a big impact on your office's appearance.

It is important to develop a theme that is congruent with your "image" plan. Don't diverge from the theme so that the feeling patients get in your store can become part of how they feel when they come or talk to their friends about you.

When they use your services, the feeling that they got when they have been there should return.

This is how you create a strong bond with patients. They'll be subconsciously drawn back to that feeling, time and time again.

Make sure that your office is always in order. Whether you are soothing customers into their comfort zones, cleanliness and neatness are always important.

Patients can become frustrated with a tightly packed or disorderly enviroment. Make sure that everything is clean and spaced out properly.

When you make the impression that you want, it will be associated with your "brand" from then on.


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