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How to Handle a Difficult Patient

Patients are a key element in any business.

Without patients, there would be no reason why one would start a business.

There are different kinds of patients:

  • Some are vocal.
  • Many are silent.
  • Others are very aggressive.
  • Many more may be inquisitive.

Difficult Customer

All these kinds of patients are important and have to be understood if any business is to succeed.

Whatever temperament your patients have, once a while, they may be upset while interacting with your employees.

How then do you manage a difficult patient?

The first thing you need to do is to empathize with the patient. Try and put yourself in the situation that the patient is in.

Listen keenly while giving the patient confirmation that you feel him.

If you are handling the upset patient on call, giving responses such as 'yes', 'I hear you'; 'I understand' will assure the patient that you are interested in solving the cause of their agitation.

Paraphrasing what the customer has said is also important in ensuring that you have clearly understood the problem.

Remember not to interrupt your customers while they vent their feelings. Be calm and focused.

Always apologize where necessary. Most people will calm down when they hear that you are apologetic and are willing to assist them.

While maintaining a calm tone and being polite, offer solutions to the problem at hand.

Give various options and involve the patient in decision making. Clearly outline the benefits and downside of every choice that the patient has.

Always remember that the patient is always right regardless of how irrational their problem may seem.

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